The Husband:

Sometimes you want to have a Pabst’s Blue Ribbon with your gourmet meal.

Sometimes you want to read a book of Pauline Kael’s film theory from the early 1970s regarding her bizarre enthusiasm for blood-drenched thrillers in its relation to politics, then watch a couple episodes of Ugly Betty on DVD.

Sometimes you want to read an Ian McEwan novel, then play some Super Smash Bros. Melee on Gamecube.

And sometimes you just want to get home and wait anxiously for 8 p.m. to roll around, having spent all day being excited about the season finale of ABC’s reality competition High School Musical: Get In The Picture. After last week’s completely misguided decision to send James to the chorus and thus out of the running for the grand prize – I’d see this extremely talented 17-year-old on Broadway right now if given the chance – I need to see a win for Tierney tonight, or I’m throwing some cat toys around the room in anger.

Tierney, gettin' in the picture.

Tierney, gettin' in the picture.

Go Tierney!