The Wife:

For the first time ever while watching Lipstick Jungle, I have actually enjoyed Victory Ford’s story the most out of our three protagonists. I’ve made it pretty clear that Victory is my least favorite character on this show. I don’t think that she has the kind of depth that Wendy or Nico have, nor does she have the maturity or the intellect. Victory has always felt like the weak point compared to the other two members of this power trifecta: she just always feels too flighty and unstable to be friends with such established women as Nico and Wendy. And yet, to her merit, of the three, Victory is the best, most loyal friend. What she can’t seem to make sense of in her own life, she somehow seems to make sense of in others’ lives.

You just dont understand doorknobs like I understand doorknobs, Andrew McCarthy.

You just don't understand doorknobs like I understand doorknobs, Andrew McCarthy.

This week, she finally began to take charge of her own life. When Joe hires an expensive contractor to design the interior of Victory’s new store without her consent and refuses to allow her input on any design decisions, Victory runs into an attractive contractor with similar views and hires him to do the job without consulting Joe. (Although, I did love the moment where Joe displays the Good-Fast-Cheap triangle on the barren wall of Victory’s store and explains to her these basic rules of building anything . . . and then applies them to his sexual relationship with Victory: “neither fast nor cheap . . . hmm.”)

Victory and Rodrigo go on a sort-of date to a midnight antiques market, scouring the first unloads of the night to find the perfect reclaimed fixtures for the store. And this is where I really began to like Victory: Rodrigo shows her a pair of antique doorknobs, and the pair tell a romantic story about a G.I. coming home from the war to his young wife, turning that very knob on his apartment door and announcing to his bride that they could finally begin their lives together. This is the first time I’d seen Victory display some sort of depth. She understands the secret history of objects and the beauty in that history. This is something I wish I’d known earlier so I didn’t spend 8 episodes being annoyed as hell by her.

As usual, she was a good friend to her assistant, Roy, whom she discovers from the store security cameras has been sleeping in the store for weeks. Roy tells her that he was evicted from his apartment after his boyfriend drained his bank accounts and ran off to Fort Lauderdale. Oddly, that is exactly what happened to my brother. In an effort to help her friend, Victory decides to follow Joe’s earlier advice and rent the upstairs unit so that Roy can live rent-free.

No more missing wig fittings for chemo, mister.

No more missing wig fittings for chemo, mister.

Wendy’s upcoming Beatles movie runs into some production trouble when her friend and star Noah starts missing readings and costume fittings. Thinking that he perhaps has started using drugs again, Wendy stages an intervention, and convinces Noah that she can push production back so that he can take six weeks in rehab to get his shit together. Noah’s wife comes to Wendy in secret and explains that Noah isn’t using drugs, but that he is, in fact, dying of a rapidly-advancing brain tumor. Wendy risks her job and falsifies the physical examination forms so that they can move the production schedule up in order to wrap before Noah starts to show symptoms of his disease. Clearly, this is all going to catch up with Wendy next week in a very negative way.

As for Nico, she struggled with finding her place in the world as a widow and was confronted by her husband’s mistress, who demanded that she be taken care of in the way Charles had been up until the time of his death. At first, Nico is outraged and demands a restraining order against Megan, but later, after spending a lot of time reclaiming her late 20s with Kirby out at swap-a-palooza, she realizes that she has a lot more in common with Megan than she thought. At 22, Megan is giving up her life to raise Charles’ baby, much like Nico herself did at 24 when she married Charles. Nico gives Megan a considerably large check, an agreement to provide medical care and even sets up a trust fund for the baby. As she begins to pack away all of Charles’ things, Nico even gives Megan the brown v-neck sweater she had asked for, to remember Charles’ by. I’m proud of Nico for letting go in this way, and finally being able to start a real relationship with someone who truly adores her: Kirby.

So even though Im being nice to you, that doesnt mean you should drop by anymore, okay?

So even though I'm being nice to you, that doesn't mean you should drop by anymore, okay?

In another note, I finally realized in this episode what bothers me about the actress who plays Megan, Shannon McGinnis: her voice. Her voice is Tina Majorino’s voice, but coming out of the wrong face, and that’s really odd to me.