A Pushing Daisies quickie . . .

The Wife:

Once again, Pushing Daisies is filled with wonderful dialogue. Some I liked from this episode:

  • “How lucky am I to be alive in a world with sun-dappled anything.” —Chuck, remarking on her new beginning in her new apartment.
  • “Pigby enjoyed the warbling sounds that the nice smelly thing that fed him made.” — Narrator on Olive’s conversations with Pigby
  • “It’s a traveling circus, not a ‘wait around ’til you two work all your junk out’ circus.” — Emerson to Ned and Chuck
  • “Remember, there are two things clowns make around here: balloon animals and enemies.” — The Acrobat

Chuck’s interrogation of Sweet Nikki Heaps’ friend was truly incredible, too, but far too hard to quote. Also incredible and impossible to quote was the reanimation of Sweet Nikki Heaps’ recently dead mime boyfriend. Not a whole lot of information about one’s demise can be mimed, it seems.

Like me, Emerson Cod hates clowns.

Like me, Emerson Cod hates clowns.

While the site of dozens of dead clowns truly tickles this clown-hating (but circus-loving) writer, there were two things that I found very disappointing about this episode. Firstly, this season is getting a little light on Ellen Green. I realize that her sister Swoosie Kurtz has the big story and the eye patch and all that, but I like slightly dotty and gullible Aunt Vivian and I wish to see more of her this season rather than the entire minute of screen time she got in this episode. I was also severely disappointed by Chuck’s wardrobe in this episode. I understand the costumer’s decision to make her look a little circus-y for this one and put her in late 60s/early 70s-style brights and madras plaids, but I miss my dress-loving 50s/60s Chuck, so I’m glad they decided to bring her back with that Audrey Hepburn-esque red dress and white polka dot scarf number at the end of the episode.

Also, I’ve never before realized that Ned, Chuck and Olive all lived above The Pie Hole. That’s super convenient. Like how my grandfather used to live above his grocery store in Brooklyn.

The Husband:

I’ll excuse my wife’s bizarre oversight that, yes, of course they all lived right above the Pie Hole, because in all actuality for the first two episodes of this show s1 I was staggeringly drunk and had to rewatch both episodes online so as not to miss anything.

Me, I’m not at all a clown-hater, so I was all for this insane episode that a small part of me wished had starred every cast member of HBO’s dearly departed psychobabble mythological-bugfuck drama Carnivale. I love me some Lee Arenberg (Pintel from the Pirates trilogy) but it would have been that much sweeter had the character been played by Michael J. Anderson (you know, the small guy from Twin Peaks).

I’m glad that Emerson Cod is becoming a bigger part of the show as far as his own missing daughter-searching arc is concerned, because I like how while all this insane Burton-esque craziness with Ned, Chuck Olive and the sisters is going on, there’s a smaller, sadder piece of the show that is now fitting right into the puzzle. Now people can stop complaining that he feels like he’s on a different show. Chi McBride doesn’t like it when you talk smack about him. He’ll make you his bitch. Don’t believe me? Watch Let’s Go To Prison.