The Husband:

Is it strange that while I could not care less about two of the central medical cases despite even the presence of Aaron Sorkin mainstay Joshua Malina, I thought this was a pretty damn great episode? Can I love one portion of it so much that it outweighs all the negatives surrounding it? Am I just being overly defensive about a show that people have been complaining about for three seasons now? Hell, I’m a Meredith defender, a character that nobody seems to like.

I don’t know the answer, but that doesn’t ignore the fact that I flat-out loved this here episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

While Joshua Malina has to do a fecal transplant with his wife (wha-what?), Sloan deals with a sleepwalker and his terrified daughter, Dr. Hunt finally stops being all evasive and tells Cristina that she’s beautiful, and Izzie actually have full-out intercourse with Denny the ghost (seriously, if she’s not going crazy or doesn’t have a brain tumor, then what the hey?), the interns once again suffer the wrath of their crazy overlords in various ways. This week, continuing to feel that they are not being taught and that they are woeful surgeons, they test out administering an epidural on one of their own when they get the idea that, hey, let’s take this here anaesthetized fellow intern and take out his appendix. He’s not going to need it, and it would be a great lesson! The male intern (obviously) disagrees with this decision, but new intern and old Meredith friend Sadie decides to donate her own body so the other interns may learn. When Lexie, who came up with the idea in the first place, backs out at the last second, Sadie decides to make the first incision on herself.

Yeah. Big oh noes.

As this is a prime-time network soap dramedy, the appendectomy doesn’t go as planned and Sadie starts hemorrhaging, so the interns bail on the body leaving Lexie to look for help from a resident or two. Enter Lexie’s estranged half-sister Meredith and Cristina, who fix the problem but not without a few close calls. When the dust settles, the two residents, acting under orders from the chief, rightly puts all of the responsible interns on probation. Meredith is best when she is no-nonsense, and this situation was no exception. The way she chewed out her underlings was fantastic, and a bit of the show’s former glory came out, radiant and glowing. There’s the Meredith I know and love and that all of you should love, too. Sure she may be whiney, but I’ve never thought she was more whiney than anybody else on the show. (Except Bailey. She’s the muthafuckin’ man and cool as a cucumber.)

Can someone explain to me why routine surgeries are always going horribly wrong around here?

Can someone explain to me why routine surgeries are always going horribly wrong around here?

The best part of the episode, though, came in the same scene when Karev tells all of the interns that they have lost his respect forever, so an intern calls Karev out for being a hypocrite, since he still has respect for Izzie even after she accidentally killed Denny in s2, leading to a physical altercation between Karev and the asshole intern.

“She was trying to save a man’s life. You almost killed a friend for fun. There’s a difference.”

I mean, hey, Karev is going through quite a tough time with his romantic relationship with Izzie. He doesn’t know that she is banging a ghost (to full orgasm, apparently), but he’s still willing to put up with her crazy, saying that if they are to break up so soon after getting together after seasons of will-they-won’t-they, she’s going to have to be the one who breaks it.

I’m just so confused. I really don’t see what all of you hate about this show that you used to love. Is it just that it’s becoming tedious? That’s why I like all the new cast members. Is it romantic overload? Believe me, I don’t have issues with that.

But count me in for the rest of the season. I like it so much that I’m not even willing to DVR timeshift it. It’s my Thursday show, dammit.