Forgive me, readers, for a moment, but I have to post this in order to get one of my films up on IMDB.
IMDB, the link I have provided should have brought you here in order to show that my short film, The Last Reel, has in fact played at a film festival and therefore should be listed on your site. I provided you with two other links, one of which brought up the screening schedule at the 2007 First Annual Vine Shorts Fest, the other a link to another film on IMDB that screened at the same festival, therefore showing that IMDB has already accepted the Vine Shorts Fest as a valid festival that would get one listed.
Below I have included scans of all my material from the festival itself in November of 2007. The first is the flyer that advertised the festival.

The flyer for the First Annual Vine Shorts Fest.

Next, I have included a page from the screening program given to all attendees, which listed all of the films. This page shows my film, The Last Reel, as an accepted work. The top of the page says which days it screened.


The Last Reel is the fourth film listed.

The next picture is the badge I was given as a filmmaker for the festival.


The badge given to the festival's filmmakers.

The final picture is the business card given to me by one of the VPs of The Vine Entertainment, who ran the festival.


Business card of The Vine VP of Motion Pictures.

These items should be more than enough to get my film listed on IMDB. If there are any problems, don’t hesistate to comment on this post.