The Husband:

I do enjoy the freakshow of the audition specials, and I love the increasingly tense nature of the actual Final 12 competition, but my favorite part of any American Idol season is Hollywood Week. It’s A Chorus Line mixed with a treatise on the plight of American youth, and I think it’s fascinating. Finally, everybody is now an equal, and even those we got to know during the auditions are often relegated to the background. (This year, with the show focusing more on the promising contestants, has a bit less of this.) These episodes are what I point to when I say that Idol is great because it’s so many different shows in one, and that this second part is like a really intense documentary. This show’s a motherfucking roller coaster, man, and finally we have two full weeks of this segment instead of merely one. The producers are listening!

And now my notes:

  • It’s good the show moved Hollywood Week to the Kodak, which is actually in Hollywood, unlike every other year with the Orpheum, which is smack-dab in the middle of boring downtown L.A.
  • The new Idol Boot Camp is a good idea, so those with good voices but less panache still have a chance to advance.
  • Hey, buddy, don’t ever try to sing Stevie Wonder’s “For Once In My Life” in my presence. That song is sacred to me.
  • Sorry, Nathaniel, I don’t want anything to burst out of you onstage. That’s just unsanitary.
  • Another sorry to Von Smith. Yelling isn’t singing. “Indulgent nonsense” indeed.
  • I’m glad that the show is telling us early this year that it’s all about song choice. Usually they don’t think to admit that until at least semi-finals, but sometimes not until the friggin’ Top 8.
  • Hey, if Chris Crocker can get a development deal, so can “Norman Gentle.” And I might actually watch his YouTube stuff if he has any. (Does he have any? I don’t feel like looking while I’m at work.)
  • I get a curious kick when African-Americans sing a Mamas & Papas song (some of the whitest “rock” music ever), because it actually makes it kind of cool. Or am I making that up?
  • Singing Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” is kind of a fucked up song if you’re wife is dead, Danny.
  • Awww…bye, Patricia Roman. I liked your name.
  • FBI AGENT! Say whaaaaaaa?
  • We have 104 contestants left. I can’t wait to see how many they have left after the group numbers.