The Husband:

Continuing our glorious two-week immersion in Idol’s Hollywood Week (HW), the producers continue to show some signs that they have the actual ability to change their formula every once in a while, even if it’s very miniscule things. Last night, it was starting with all of the contestants in the holding room, and the rest of the episode working in flashback structure to give us the events of the day that led to the contestants being herded in their respective rooms, where they will learn of their ultimate fate.

And now, my notes!

Starting off with approximately 103,000 contestants, Idol is finally down to 72. Now, my notes and my previous post tells me that HW Round #2 ended with 75 people, so I desperately want to know what happened to those three missing people. Where are they? My guess? Paula ingested them, Gina Torres-on-Angel style, giving her enough sustenance to continue on the show without losing too much of her mind. This energy, of course, will drop to a horrifying low probably around the Top 6, and she’ll say something really stupid and/or incoherent.

As with most seasons, the contestants’ final HW performance will be done without the judges saying a word. How terrifying.

  • Dude, Adam Lambert, you’re awesome, but taking a Cher disco song and turning into a slow soft rock song is…how can I put this mildly?…fruity.
  • Kalamazoo Piano Man singing “Georgia On My Mind” was a strange experience, but it’s an entirely subjective strangeness, as I have a history with that song. Either in 2nd or 3rd grade (I think 2nd), we had to do a Black History Month project where we did an oral presentation on our subject of choice, and I happened to choose Ray Charles. With the help of my parents, we decided to go the extra mile and make it a multimedia presentation. This consisted of me, a chubby white kid, dressed up as Ray Charles – with suit and black glasses and everything (thankfully no blackface) – and sitting in front of my Casio keyboard. After telling the class several very interesting Ray Charles facts that I had written down on flashcards (I vividly recall the bit about him driving with the help of a passenger who tapped his shoulder to tell him which way to turn), I turned on a tape recorder and lip-synched along with “Georgia On My Mind,” pretending to play the piano and reading the lyrics off of more flashcards, doing my best blind man impersonation. At the time I thought it was awesome, but I have a bizarre feeling now that I may have insulted a few of my African-American classmates, even though I technically did nothing offensive. I just think it was just the overall effect. It did teach me, however, that brother, I got soul.
  • Jamar, choosing to sing “Hey There Delilah” means you are dead in my book. My book of DEATH! (Seriously, that only mildly good song got so overplayed that I would hurt myself in changing the radio station if it ever came on.)
  • Ah…but Ju’not gets a free pass with the song, because he made it not about the song but about himself. The song actually sounds nice as an R&B slow jam.
  • Anoop, I don’t know if singing Bobby Brown was the best idea.
  • Hey Paula, thanks for giving Blind Scott a standing ovation, but unfortunately HE CAN’T SEE IT!
  • I really like Kristin McNamara from Napa. Why didn’t we see more of her before last Wednesday’s blowup with Nancy “I’m Not In Heart Nor Am I Married To Cameron Crowe” Wilson?
  • Props to Nathanial for creating a very interesting acoustic version of “Disturbia,” but his headband obsession needs to go

    Mary, you are not Blair Waldorf, and the sooner you realize this, the better you'll feel about yourself.

    Mary, you are not Blair Waldorf, and the sooner you realize this, the better you'll feel about yourself.

  • Bubble Tea Maker out!
  • Why won’t “Norman Gentle” just go all the way and do a drag show? You know he wants to.
  • Hold on a second, Idol producers. You had a homeless girl on the show and waiied ‘til now to tell her story?

And how did the final room selections go?

  • Room #2 is in! Like I said last week, if Paula is acting incredibly sad when she walks into the holding room, that room is in. It’s a silly trick that tricks nobody.
  • Room #3 is out. Goodbye unknowns.
  • Room #1 is absolutely in, with both Jamar and Danny. (Uh-oh…don’t split the vote and thus get Danny ejected, people.)
  • Room #4 is in, despite a weeping Tatiana once again calling all attention to herself.