The Wife:

Now this, this felt like an episode of Reaper. The pacing was much better this week, and the familiar story elements were re-introduced. I still think there are a few dropped stitches that the writers need to pick up again and knit back in (check me out with my knitting metaphors!), but overall, this is Reaper‘s groove. And I’m glad it got its groove back.

Or maybe I just liked this episode so much because of the bunny. King Charlie was soooooooooo cute! With his little bunny face! And his nibbly little bunny mouth! And his big hoppy bunny feet! Oooooooooh! I like bunnies!

Sorry. But that gives you a taste of what it would have been like to watch this episode with me, squeaking out, “Bunny!” every time that damned adorable bunny graced the screen. I like animals. Shut up. Don’t judge me.

This week’s escaped soul is a Mongol warrior, whom the boys have chased into a stable where they discover that the soul is terrified of cell phones and use that to distract him, until Ben chooses the bunny over quickly grabbing the vessel and allows the soul to escape on horseback. The soul continues to go on a rampage throughout Seattle while Sam chooses to focus instead on hunting down Hell’s Own One That Got Away, Alan Townsend (who I just now realized is the star of Save the Last Dance, Sean Patrick Thomas). He and Andi, who is hell-bent on getting her boyfriend out of his contract with Satan, go to visit Gladys. He suspects that she knows who the soul might be and she agrees to meet him at his house later that night to give him information.

However, she sends a demon in her place to attack and possibly kill him. Lucky for Sam, Ben manages to fend off the demon and save Sam’s life by torching it’s shoulder with King Charlie’s tiki torch, which Ben takes as a sign that he should re-open the vote to get King Charlie to stay in the house with him, a direct challenge of Sock’s “no bunnies in the house” rule. Unfortunately, the guys still vote against having a house bunny, banning King Charlie to the garage with his tiki torch. Sam and Andi head back to the DMV and threaten Gladys in order to get information about Alan Townsend. After some reluctance and misdirection, she gives them his address and they head out on a stakeout of Townsend’s apartment. When Andi leaves to get some snacks, The Devil appears to casually remind Sam that instead of necking with his girlfriend, he should be out capturing the Mongol soul that’s cutting a swath of violence throughout the city.

Whered he get a suit?

"Where'd he get a suit?"

Ben proposes that the soul is recreating the Mongol empire by “conquering” Asian restaurants. He’s already destroyed a Chinese restaurant and a Korean restaurant, so Ben correctly predicts that he will strike a Vietnamese restaurant next. There’s a great chases scene where Sam and the Mongol Soul battle it out in the restaurant’s kitchen, with Sam sending the warrior, who adapted to the modern world so quickly that he now wears a suit and a Bluetooth and is no longer afraid of cell phones, back to hell as two butcher’s knives fall out of his hands and land on either side of Sam’s head.

With his work complete, Sam catches up to Alan Townsend and begs for his help. Alan refuses, until Sam lays down the bargaining chip that, as The Devil’s son, he would be the best person for Alan to align himself with as Sam can keep Alan off The Devil’s radar. Just as Alan agrees to help, Sam is attacked by demons and The Devil conveniently shows up to destroy them, warning that “This one is not to be touched!” Alan runs off and The Devil warns Sam that he needs to adapt to his new life like his Mongol friend did and to forget all about Alan Townsend. Oh yeah, and he may have set up that demon attack to make Alan never want to talk to Sam again.

Ill get you a satanic mechanic.

I'll get you a satanic mechanic.

Later that night, Ben and King Charlie get kidnapped by a demon, who, as it turns out, is actually a really hot chick who wants love, just like Ben and everyone else does. She admires how much he cares for that rabbit and thinks he has pretty eyes.

Sam and Andi clandestinely head over to Alan Townsend’s apartment and discover that he is gone. However, they also find out that Alan has surrounded himself with crosses and warnings from The Ten Commandments about what he shouldn’t do lest he get sent back to hell.

Meanwhile, in what I think was posited as a B-plot but feels like more of a C-plot to me because I think the B-plot this week is really about Ben and King Charlie, Sock is still pining over his sister Kristen.

Sock: I just want her to see me the way the rest of the world does.
Sam: How’s that?
Sock: As a sexual magician.

The tickle fights and breakfast in bed and sexy yoga spotting are too much for him, so he tries to take Kristen out and get her drunk to loosen her inhibitions about their relationship. At the club, though, she has her eyes set on some skeevy dude named Topher, who later shows up to take her on a date, prompting Sock to whack him over the head with a chair, Wrestlemania-style.

“She’s my sister. And the only one who gets to have sex with her is me.” – Sock

Clearly, this does not endear Sock to Kristen and she spends the rest of the episode mad at him until she calls him to pick her up from a bad date. Kristen’s a virgin and wanted to lose her virginity ASAP to someone she didn’t care about: Topher. But then she caught him sleeping with another girl and that made her really sad. So she called good ol’ Sock to pick her up, and he delivered the sweetest and weirdest pep talk ever in which he compares being a slutty girl to being a dirty hot tub that no one wants to get busy in.

“I don’t like dirty hot tubs.” – Kristen

Instead, she vows to keep her virginity until marriage and asks for her brother’s help in never, ever having sex with anyone ever, to which he begrudgingly agrees.

And then there’s the D-plot in which Ted hits on a mystery shopper, something he apparently does rather frequently, and gets fired by corporate pending a sexual harassment lawsuit.

“You’re not my first, and you won’t be the last. But you will be the seventh.” – Ted, being really creepy

I wonder about the fate of The Work Bench if Ted’s not the manager. Maybe Andi will be promoted? In which case, would she basically give the guys a free pass to go demon hunting? It’s not as though work is every really an issue for these guys, unlike over on Chuck, where Chuck really would raise suspicions and take a lot of shit if he didn’t show up for a shift. I could see this going the Chuck route of offering Sam the manager job, but it wouldn’t make sense here. Chuck is a model employee. Sam isn’t. It probably doesn’t really matter, but I’m curious about Ted’s replacement.

I’m not super into the Sock-Wants-To-Jump-His-Sister’s-Bones plot, and that might be because I’m more amused by the Adrian-Wants-To-Fuck-Her-Brother plot on SLOTAT, but it does provide the show’s better lines and I got to see Sock dance, which was funny, as well as dejectedly hide behind the paint center at The Work Bench, only to burst through the wall of cans like so many Kool-Aid men just to see Ted get fired. Those were some good moments.