The Husband:

It’s time to school my wife. Michael Jackson’s video for “Remember The Time” is a very vivid portion of my childhood, especially since the nine-minute film/video made its super-special Fox premiere after an episode of The Simpsons way back in 1991. Starring Eddie Murphy, Iman, Magic Johnson and the King of Pop himself, it was probably the first time I realized how bonkers MJ really was. (Oddly, I never considered Captain EO to be creepy, despite the fact that viewed in hindsight, it’s remarkably terrifying and has a really confusing message.)

Here’s a link to the video in its entirety. It won’t allow me to embed it here.

The other MJ piece of video I forgot to put up in my original post was from In Living Color, a show that in its peak form was probably some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen on television. Here is the funniest thing Tommy Davidson ever did – well, Booty Call comes close – doing a parody of MJ’s “Black & White” video. In fact, I’ve seen this so many times, thanks to an all-Jackson Family special ILC did once, that I know the lyrics to the parody far better than the original, such as the first verse:

I made a million by the time I was ten

I wrote a love song to a rat named Ben

And then I got a nose job

And changed my chin

And made my skin light

Look me in the face and tell me

If you think I’m black or white.

Unfortunately, the video gets choppy during the final lines, which when I’ve told people what they are, they look at me like I just said something really horrible. They are as follows:

Michael: Officer, can you tell me if I’m black or white?

Officer: You are under arrest.

Michael: Well, then I guess I am black.