The Wife:

There is only one word for this episode of Reaper: delightful. From the tip-of-the-hat-to-Joss-Whedon wire work in the scenes with the vampire to the mélange of shots reminiscent of Steve Guttenberg’s tour de force Three Men & a Baby to the return of Ken Marino, everything about this episode was delightful. So delightful, in fact, that I’m going to just pretend that Sock’s continued lusting after his sister as she sang karaoke (for no reason other than that she’s Asian and has a pretty voice, I guess) didn’t happen. (Although the end of that plot where he takes her to play racquetball to get out his aggression was pretty worth it.)

When the guys get saddled with a baby after killing its mom (who escaped hell to she could have an IBO – an intentional birth out of hell – because, let’s face it, the schools are better here), Tony shows up and is all about adopting the child, the child he and Steve never got to adopt.

“After Steve I’m gonna call her Stevi!”

“Uh, I already named her Magnum P.I.”

Now, this makes that baby super cool because we share a name. In fact, my coworker also expressed his delight at tiny versions of myself with the following text message:

“Hehe! Lil’ Stevi!”

However, I will point out that when you’re a girl with a somewhat unusual name, it is really weird to hear your name said and have it be referring to someone else. I can only think of two real-life female Stevies who are famous (ruiner of Fleetwood Mac Stevie Nicks and suicidal poet Stevie Smith), and two other fictional female Stevies (Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character in The Machinist, who is a prostitute, and the lead female character in Edward Albee’s The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?, which is a really inappropriate play to see on your anniversary, by the way). So to hear my name is always rather striking.

The Devil, however, is not nearly as amused by Lil’ Stevi’s existence in the human world as I am and he demands that Sam send her back to Hell. Let me tell you something, kids. No parent ever wants to come home and find three dudes hovering over your adorable little baby with a stake. It definitely brings out the demon in Tony, and I’m sure it would turn any non-demon parent into a screaming banshee. Ben comes up with an excellent solution to the sending-Stevi-to-Hell problem: if she’s baptized, The Devil won’t want her.

But in order to baptize Lil’ Stevi, Sam and Andi need to stand in as her parents (because Tony will burst into flames if he sets foot on consecrated ground). Andi, however, is not so keen to do this after Armie Hammer showed up to ruin her relationship by telling her that Sam is the son of The Devil. But Andi goes along with it, with some urging from Tony to realize that even though he’s the son of The Devil, Sam is a good guy. The Devil is not about to let the guys go through with this plan, though, and he wheels that baby carriage out of the church like it’s Baby’s Day Out and nearly dumps poor Lil’ Stevi into a hell portal, but Sam gets there just in time to pull her out and tries to convince The Devil that if Stevi is destined for evil, he should let her stay on Earth where her corrupting influence can help bring Satan thousands of other souls. I mean, just imagine how many people she could screw up if she became a therapist. Or even a teacher! Reluctantly, The Devil agrees, but only to prove Sam wrong about himself, because if Stevi doesn’t deny her evil nature, Sam will have to give into his, as well.

There was also some good stuff with Sam’s dad in this episode, from the reactions to introducing Zombie Dad to Sock and Ben, to Sam questioning his true parentage (which, if it is The Devil, Zombie Dad is not allowed to confirm or deny) and a nice parallel between Sam’s care and concern for Lil’ Stevi and his dad’s reintroduction to the world. Because of his involvement with The Devil, Sam’s dad accuses him of shirking his family responsibilities, which eventually leads Sam to letting his dad live in a freezer in their garage. I’m glad Zombie Dad is back, and now I’m really curious as to how he’ll fit into the dynamic of everyone living at Sock’s house. It’s really only a matter of time before Kristen wanders into the garage . . .

Other good stuff:

  • “Looking sharp, Buffy, looking sharp!” – The Devil, in re: Sam’s stake
  • “Nobody’s gonna wanna breastfeed a fang baby!” – Sock
  • “You mustn’t allow yourself to be fooled by its pudgy cuteness, the kid is a bad seed.” – The Devil

Also, let me just say that Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is one of my favorite songs ever written, but I never, ever want to hear it sung karaoke, not even if it’s by someone as cute as Kristen. And especially not if it’s sung by Jason Castro.