The Husband:

Lil gone: Yay.

Anoop gone: Boo.

Matt still around: Meh.

Adam: Unsurprisingly spectacular.

Gokey: Unsurprisingly middle-of-the-road.

Allison: Still underrated.

Kris: Still not somebody I really want to listen to.

Disco Week: Surprisingly not awful.

Jillian Reynolds as host of American Idol Extra: Horrible and ignorant of anything related to music.

VoteForTheWorst: Failed their central mission thrice this season. Husband rejoices.

DialIdol: Kind of flailing in a season where the votes between contestants are far too close to make proper predictions.

Kara: Knows what she’s talking about.

People who hate Kara: Don’t know what they’re talking about.

Paula talking about Kris shopping in the women’s section as a metaphor about performing songs popularized by women: Completely understandable.

Simon not understanding the metaphor: Disappointing.

Next week’s theme: Rat Pack.

How it fuckin’ better be: Awesome.

What I’m doing right now: Watching this week’s Hell’s Kitchen. Desiring coffee.

What I’m doing tonight: Seeing David Sedaris.

How that’s going to be: Awesome.

Genocide: Bad.

Flowers: Good.

What David Sedaris has to do with genocide and flowers: Nothing.

What Paula Abdul has to do with genocide and flowers: ……..everything………