The Husband:

Tonight is the two-hour fifth season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, so while I don’t have much to say about last week’s episode, I suppose I should say something.

You know what? I’ve had some issues with this season, and while I wasn’t an outright hater of the Ghost Denny story, I thought it overstayed its welcome. And so when he showed up once again, which would indicate that there’s still a bit of cancer in Izzie’s brain, I kind of groaned inside. However, I do respect it as a portent of doom instead of that pseudo-spirituality they inferred near the beginning of this season, and that it really upped the drama during an episode revolving around Meredith and Derek’s wedding.

Im glad she didnt walk down the aisle hooked up to that IV. Awks.

I'm glad she didn't walk down the aisle hooked up to that IV. Awks.

But no matter what I thought, the ending got me. Damn you, Shonda Rhimes, you got me. As I don’t put a whole lot of forethought or speculation in the show, I 100% did not expect that, as a result of the tiny and most likely inoperable tumor in Izzie’s noggin, Meredith and Derek stepped back and allowed Izzie and Alex to take their places on the altar. And not only did I tear up when we first see Alex in his tux, nothing could prepare me for their return to Izzie’s hospital room, and as she takes off her beautiful hairpin, a chunk of her hair comes out with it.


And I totally could have done without Callie’s meltdown by being treated to dinner by her lover Arizona. It just felt too soon after being disowned by her father, and pretty inauthentic. I hope she can mature a bit in tonight’s finale.