The Husband:

So there you have it – only a week in and I’ve seen more promising strategy than complete half-seasons (I’m looking at you, X-Factor season aside from Nakomis’ five-finger plan of attack). After putting up Lydia and Chima for elimination, Jessie (the douchiest player to ever douche it up on Big Brother, even worse than that guy who held a knife to Boogie’s fiancée’s throat while drunk that one time) had already gotten his mind turned around through a combination of massages, vague promises of sexy-sex, easily planted seeds of doubt and bizarre outburst of racial slurs, leading to a “plan” for Russell to use his veto on Lydia and having Jessie put Braden in her place.

How the fuck did this happen? The offbeats and the brains (well, just Ronnie really) discovered that Jessie was an idiot and used that to their advantage. All the talking and preening and yelling was just icing on the cake that was Jessie being stupid. It’s as simple as that. Once again, the muscleheaded dope turned the game upside-down not because it was his idea, but because smart people made him feel [temporarily] smart.

Unfortunately, no one can look smart while wearing those pants.

Unfortunately, no one can look smart while wearing those pants.

Whatever. I saw no promise in Braden, and this is aside from all of his shittalking. While I do not subscribe to the live feeds nor have I gotten into this season enough to troll the YouTube pages for shorts culled from the live feed, I do know that within mere days he had already alienated most of his housemates via his aggressive manner and some horribly bigoted statements. If anyone wants to report direct details to me, or to post relevant videos, be my guest. I consider myself a connoisseur of this game (and still think I would make a formidable contestant), so any knowledge is good knowledge.

What are some other thoughts this week?

  • Russell has been letting me down considerably, and is doing a terrible job representing the San Francisco East Bay. Whatever. He’s from Walnut Creek, and while last week I was letting you all know that his hometown excited me since it was near where I currently live, I can know also let you know that most of the East Bay’s “valley” (through the Caldecott Tunnel, or through Highway 4, or just basically anything on the other side of those hills you can see from San Francisco) is full of wackadoos with only some exceptions. Russell is a bully of the worst order, and living near me doesn’t excuse that behavior.
  • Ronnie might be playing his cards a little too publicly, and if he is to succeed in this game, I think he needs to slow his roll considerably. Unfortunately, he is the new HOH, and it’s nigh impossible to stay under the radar in that position.
  • Lydia shouldn’t have lost her temper so strongly, but I still think she’s a.) really cool, b.) a pretty good player and c.) probably my favorite person in the house right now.
  • Chima’s attitude needs to stop.
  • “Technotronics” = Jeff is hilarious.
  • I love TV Squad writer Jackie Schnoop’s nickname for the Jessie and Russell – the Power Tools.
  • Natalie has already disappeared almost completely from the competition. What’s the deal?
  • Jordan’s sudden outburst of an actual personality really surprised me, and I feel I may regret misjudging her so quickly based solely on her looks and her voice. It seems the clique-ness of the season is rubbing off on me.